WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2018 Zodiac Panthers - Primal Astrology Crazed, stripped-down glitter/gutter rock from North Carolina. ZODIAC PANTHERS with their new single and video "Primal Astrology" shaking life in any old skeleton, even the old relics of RAMONES wake to life when the rythms of this trio lets loose. On hitting play the listener is immediately drawn to the best of CBGBs on the late ’70s with the carefree low slung guitar and bass combinations pumped along by a busy drumkit with the slurried vocal rounding out the sound. Appropriately all over in less than two and three quarters, such is its infectious nature the audience finds themselves chanting along with the chorus on first play through. This is pure rock’n’roll, what else is needed? Primal garage punk band from Wilmington, NC featuring husband and wife, Johnny and Angela Yeagher. Vocals/Guitar - Johnny Drums/Backing Vocals - Angela Bass - Doug "Goose" Duncan Today's tune "Primal Astrology", Video clip taken from the movie Bad Batch, enjoy! More info @ Official Zodiac Panthers Web Listen to ”Zodiac Panthers - Primal Astrology" on Spotify! Follow on Spotify!” - unknown author

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Zodiac Panthers - I Don’t Gotta But I’m Gonna Cuz I Wanna album review The best sleaze you can get this month By Sleazegrinder May 23, 2017 Reviews Crazed, stripped-down glitter/gutter rock from North Carolina. A gnarly, snarly duo (Guitar Panther/Drum Panther) bang out these leather-bound rippers with a kinda Cramps-y intensity and the blunt directness of prime-time Iggy Pop. A real cool time, in other words.” - Sleazegrinder

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ZODIAC PANTHERS - S/T ( Self Prod ) Angela and Johnny Yeager are a force of nature that never stops. They are in love with music and every different aspect of the creating/recording/performing process. So what do a couple like this do when their old band is on an indefinite hiatus? Simple. They put together a new one and in less then six months they release a record. And of course not a crappy one. We are talking about primal garage punk played by a two piece at its finest. Only seven songs but they are all keepers. As usual, Johnny’s voice sounds great and his guitar parts are of te same high quality he showed us with Ironhead. Angela’s drumming is quite good as well so forget the comparison with White Stripes; this lady can actually play and pounds on those skins like there’s no tomorrow. In all honesty I'm not a huge fan of two piece bands except for a couple of them; One is definitely Hopeless Jack and you can bet your skinny ass that the other one is Zodiac Panther! The opening number “So Sick Of Your Face” welcomes you with a frantic and hypnotic garagey riff that goes on in a loop and Johnny taunts you from beyond the microphone until they slam you in the face with “D.D.T.” and “Your Love is Like a Funeral” with their punk rock drive and poignant lyrics. They keep the same pace with “I Really Don’t Think So” where They sing about their life spent entirely in the rock ‘n’ roll universe. With “Total Waste of My Time” they you there, in The Ramones realm. Johnny (Ramone) would have hated it. Because it’s good and he didn’t write it. Back to some garage fueled duo rock with “Do It Right Now”. Killer solo too. “Five Years Ahead Of My Time“ is the track that closes the first, and hopefully not last, Zodiac Panthers’ record on the same good level as the rest of the songs. But like I said, they can’t stop and they already put together another band and I'm pretty sure it will be another score. You’ll read about them on the next issue for sure. in the meantime, go get this one. Satisfaction guaranteed. -6/7- SeawolfDee” - Seawolf Dee

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